Wednesday, July 28, 2010


On this hot July, we have decided to crank up the heat EVEN MORE with some Camarones a la Diabla!  To help cool you down, we will also show you how to make one variety of a MICHELADA, a spicy beer drink.
This time, Sonia and I met at our parents' house.  This means, of course, that mom had to get her hands in the mix.  It is impossible for her to sit back and watch our mistakes!

We will begin our delicious journey with the camarones.  Here are the ingredients we used to make almost 7 servings (might as well make a big batch and invite some people over!) This recipe we took from an old recipe book from my dad's home town of Tonaya, Jalisco, Mexico.

-12 chiles huajillo (dried)
-5 chiles de arbol (dried)
-4 lbs. of uncooked shrimp
-2 oranges
-bottle of ketchup (aka salsa catsup)
-1 stick of butter
-1 or 2 garlic cloves, according to your liking
-teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce (aka salsa inglesa)

Step 1:

Heat up enough water to soak all the chiles in.  Let the chiles sit in the heated water for about 2 hours.  The chiles can be soaked a night ahead of time.  The point is to get the chiles soft and the water red.

Step 2:

When the chiles are soft, you should begin washing/rinsing the shrimp.  Leave the shells in tact!  We'll explain why in the last step.  After washing the shrimp, let them sit in fresh water while you move onto the next few steps...

Step 3:

We now open up the chiles and remove the seeds inside. My mom showed us how to do this part.  She basically used her nails to open them up and then removed the seeds using the pot of water to help wash them off.
We added the chiles, along with about 2 cups of the water in the chile pot, and squeezed orange juice from 2 oranges into a blender. It wasn't hot enough, so we added a few more chiles and mom decided to crush them in the molcajete rather than putting it all back in the blender.

Step 4:

Now that the sauce is blended, you will heat up a deep pan over medium heat.  Strain the sauce as you pour it in.  While stirring the sauce, add a teaspoon or so of salt, a teaspoon of the Worcestershire sauce, and the bottle's worth of ketchup. Yes the whole bottle.  This, along with the orange, will add an element of sweetness.  My mom actually likes to skip the ketchup and orange and just adds more chile sauce because she likes to make them HOT.  So, be aware that you can easily tailor this recipe.  

Step 5:

Heat up a separate pan over medium heat and melt the stick of butter.
Remove the shrimp from the bowl of water and add them to the heated, buttery pan.  
We used a garlic press to add some crushed garlic.  
Stir the shrimp around as they cook.  
We suggest you don't overcook the shrimp because they will taste dry.  
 When the shrimp is ready, pour them into the warm chile sauce. 

The Camarones a la Diabla are now done!  Now, for the MICHELADAS!  


-tomato clam juice (Clamato or generic)
-Maggi Seasoning
-Worcestershire sauce
-beer (I suggest Dos Equis or Modelo)

I took pre-frozen mugs, added some ice and a squeezed lime to each.  
Then I added a bit of the tomato clam juice...about a shot glass or two worth's.
Next I added a few drops of Maggi seasoning and Worcestershire sauce, and a teaspoon of Tapatio.
Pour in the cold cerveza (beer, duh) and a dash of salt.  Mix and drink up! :)

Here are some pics of us enjoying the messy goodness.  I absolutely love this dish.  You may serve it with Mexican rice and refried beans.  We just kept it simple.  Camrones y cerveza.  Oh, so the reason we leave the shells on...we like to suck the sauce off the shells before we peel them off.  Makes the process extra messy so grab some napkins or paper towels.  Heck, grab some bibs.

I hope you enjoy the recipe.  Please leave some comments.  Share your results or varieties.  And let us know if you have questions!  Thank you for visiting!


  1. Yum, yum! Can't wait to try these again!

  2. My boyfriend loved it. I made it for his birthday dinner, he just said it was just missing the mushroom. I don't eat seafood and he eats A LOT of it. So for him to say it was good was cool, especially for my first time and on his birthday. Thank you for the great recipe:))

  3. Love it I skipped the oranges n used tomatoe sauce instead of ketchup and add a little siracha sauce ..served over white rice..and bloody marys instead of micheladas lol

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    1. Looks delicious! What kind of shrimp did you use?

  5. Have Enjoyed This Delicious Dish On Many Occasions and Is Simply The Best Of The Best

  6. My mom used to make this recipe all the time! I never got it exactly right untill i found this certain recipe! I just want to thank yall for sharing it !! It is extremely delicious