Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rosca de Reyes (King's Bread)

Dia de Los Reyes Magos!!
That's the holiday we looked forward to as children when we lived in Mexico City. To wake up on January 6th to find what gifts the Three Wise Men brought us...our version of Santa Claus on Christmas Day! Oh, how I remember those days fondly. I'll never forget my favorite gift...a three story Barbie house. And I remember my brother received a remote control racetrack that year.

The epiphany, January 6th, marks the end of the Christmas Season for catholics (12 Days of Christmas). In Mexico, this day is celebrated as the day the Three Wise Men on this day. Traditionally, Rosca de Reyes (King's Bread) is eaten with hot chocolate after opening the presents. It is baked with a porcelain or plastic baby Jesus inside. Whoever gets the Baby Jesus in their serving, throws a party with tamales and champurrado on February 2nd. Hey, any opportunity for celebrating with friends and more food!

(The Baby Jesus. If you get this, you're feeding us tamales and champurrado on Feb. 2nd)

This year I'm not up to baking a Rosca de Reyes. However, I will be enjoying one I will pick up at my local Mexican bakery. If you're up for it, here's a recipe I found online. Let me know if you try it.

Buen Provecho!!