Sunday, December 6, 2015

Ginger Tea - Té de Jengibre

My mother always had some sort of 'remedio' to take care of our ailments while growing up. Many times I felt like 'what in the world?' But as I grew older and had my own children, it occurred to me that all these meds we're putting into our kids bodies can't be good (ie: antibiotics, etc.).

What really struck a cord with me was when my youngest son used to suffer from chronic ear infections. One Friday morning he woke up once again with an ear infection. I knew exactly how things would go that day. After my chiropractor appointment I would call his pediatrician, make an appointment for that morning, they'd see him, and prescribe antibiotics. Because even though you can't know for sure it's an ear infection at this early stage, just in case he does he'll get the antibiotics so they can start working their magic. 

So at my appointment I mentioned the ear infection we had to deal with that day to my chiropractor. He told me to consider seeing his partner as he specialized in chiropractic for children and he was really good. They fit me in to see him that same morning and once he checked him out said the discs in his head were dislocated and no matter how many antibiotics he took, he was always going to suffer from that 'chronic ear infection'. Because it wasn't an ear infection at all. He adjusted his head that very moment. We went back on Monday for another adjustment and that was the last 'ear infection' he had. 

He spoke to me about natural remedies a bit. And after starting my own research I started doing 'remedios' on my kids. I became my mother!! If only I could be half the woman she is...

As an ode to those 'remedios' and to my AH-HA moment, I've decided to share this tasty ginger tea. I recently had this at my mom's and boy did it hit home. 

Ginger has many proven health benefits as seen in this article. It helps with nausea (including morning sickness), reduces muscle pain and soreness, is anti-inflammatory, lowers blood sugar and improves heart disease risk factors, may  help prevent cancer, helps with menstrual pains improves brain function and protects against Alzheimer's disease amongst other things.

Ginger Tea

2 cups of water
1/4" fresh ginger sliced thinly 
1/4" fresh ginger squeezed with garlic press
Agave to taste

Boil water. Place sliced ginger in a cup and squeeze the other 1/4" of ginger in the cup (I throw portion left in the garlic press into the cup as well). Pour boiling water in the cup and sweeten to taste with agave. You can even throw a lemon slice in it for taste.

Enjoy your cup of tea and reap the benefits of this all-natural, warm beverage.