Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Albondigas | Meatball Soup

Making mom's albondigas recipe couldn't have come on a better day. I woke up with a bit of a sore throat. The warmth of the ablondiga soup felt so good to my throat, it relaxed me and put me to sleep early. I love to make a large pot of albondigas so there's enough for the next day. My son Aidan loved it so much, he couldn't wait to have it for dinner the next day.

1.5 lbs. ground turkey
1 egg
1 tomato
1 onion
1/2 cup rice
3 potatoes cut into cubes
6 carrots in 1/2" slices
chopped mint (hierbabuena) or oregano

Blend tomato and onion. Add 1/2 the sauce to a bowl with ground turkey, raw egg, rice, salt and hierbabuena. Mix well and form into balls.

In the meantime, have water boiling with some salt and the other 1/2 of the tomato and onion sauce. Once the water is boiling, add meatballs to it along with carrots and potatoes. Just place them right above the water, they will sink to the bottom. It may even seem like they may just fall apart. But don't worry, I think the same thing everytime I make them and they always come out perfectly round and delicious. Lower the flame until the meat and vegetables cook.

Serve with a splash of lemon juice and warm tortillas. DE-LI-CIO-SO!!!!

This picture shows the albondigas rising to the surface...see, they didn't fall apart!
This recipe is super simple, and super delicious and comforting. Sometimes I double up the recipe just to have enough for days. So comforting on cold, rainy days.

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  1. Just made it tonight....It turned out GREAT!!! :)