Monday, March 18, 2013

Fish Tacos, just on time for lent

Just on time for Taco Tuesday...and lent!
Here is my recipe for delicious fish tacos.
I don't care if these tacos are "Mexican" or not.  Just eat them!  
And thank me later.

Tilapia filets marinated in...
-lime juice (squeezed fresh from a lime)
-minced garlic

Pan fried with very little olive oil.  I lke to start at medium heat, then raise it because I like a few seared, well done parts... then really low heat while I heat up the tortillas on the stove (en un do you say comal?)

Oh, but make the salsa and red cabbage "slaw" first!!

For red cabbage slaw, mix... 
Sour cream
red cabbage
lime juice (you know the deal)

For salsa, blend...
3 dried guajillo chiles and 3 dried California chiles, soaked in warm water for about an hour (poured just a bit of this chile juice in the blender before mixing all this)
1 pasilla chile, roasted then placed in zip lock bag to steam for 15 minutes, then wash the burned layer off)
2 tomatoes (forgot to roast them, dang it)
1 (or more) small chile of your choice for kick
lime juice (esqueeeezeee...)
salt (blow it off your hand like it's fairy dust...)
yellow onion (like a fifth of it)
large garlic clove

Put the caggabe slaw mix on the warm corn tortilla.
Follow with tilapia.
Pour some slasa on those puppies.
Then top with cilantro. 

Que rico!  Don't forget to wash them down with a refreshing cerveza.

I should have cooked more fish...I devoured my tacos in minutes.  I'm still thinking about them now, shooot. :)


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