Sunday, October 5, 2014

20 Days, 20 Lessons to Become a Better Cook

Hello friends!

I've been MIA for a while and I'm not quite sure why. I love to cook and I cook quite a bit for my boys at home. Fresh, homemade meals are always healthiest and most economical. And when you've got to feed the Mr. plus up to 3 teenage boys on any given day, home cooking is the way to go for our family. But I guess taking care of these boys has made life busy and the blog has been neglected.

But... I just joined a cooking class with The Kitchn and am so excited I wanted to share my experience with you all. It starts tomorrow Monday, October 6 through October 31. It's 20 days, 20 lessons to become a better cook and they will be going over essential cooking topics and explaining what we should know. And there will be tasty homework every day!!! I'm so excited I'm giddy!! I know, I know, I'm a bit of a nerd that way. Anywho, I'll be sharing my experience and homework with you everyday. So if you want to join me in this quest, go to The Kitchn Cooking Class and sign up. You'll get an email everyday. Then come back and share your experience and homework in your comments below, or on our Facebook page at Mexican Family Recipes Facebook Page .
Here is the schedule:
Day 1:  Knife Skills
Day 2: Onions and Garlic
Day 3: Vegetables
Day 4: Eggs
Day 5: Poultry
Day 6: Meat
Day 7: Seafood
Day 8: Tofu & Tempeh
Day 9: Herbs & Spices
Day 10: Rice & Grains
Day 11: Beans
Day 12: Pasta & Noodles
Day 13: Sauces
Day 14: Saute
Day 15: Simmer
Day 16: Steam
Day 17: Roast
Day 18: Braise
Day 19: Broil
Day 20: Bake

I'm personally super excited about Knife Skills because I want to learn how to use them and how to keep them nice and sharp, Herbs & Spices because I'm trying to grow my own herbs and Braise because I had a fabulous Slow Braised Kobe Beef at Geoffrey's in Malibu last night. Which one are you most excited about?

I've invited my friends to join me in the fun and some are traveling, but it won't matter because it's virtual and we can all doing at our leisure from wherever we are in the world. So let's do this together...who's in??


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