Thursday, October 9, 2014

Best QUESO FRESCO this side of the border

I love my cheese and one of the foods I miss the most from my days living in Mexico City is queso fresco. You can now find queso fresco in just about every grocery store packaged up in a round bag from various different food manufacturers. 

I've been following Chef Marcela Valladolid from Tijuana. She had a show on The Food Network by the name of Mexican Made Easy and a cookbook by the same name. As of late, her Food Network show is The Kitchen, which I love to watch. She recently introduced a line of foods at Vons and it's affiliated stores and I have not been disappointed by one yet. These foods include the most delicious tortillas, marinated meats, chips and my latest buy....QUESOS! This is by far the best queso fresco I've had this side of the border. Try it and check her out on Instagram under @chemarcela

I can eat it straight out of the package! Provecho!!


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